The Expendables 3

 The 399th Film I have seen in theaters…


100 Million for the budget. 16 million opening weekend. Regardless of my opinion, this is the last Expendables picture.


The Expendables break Wesley Snipes out of prison. lol. They then do a job and Mel Gibson is unveiled as the villain of the piece. The team breaks up, Sly finds a younger group to go after Mel, they get captured. Old team reunites to save the kids. Pretty much it.

The Expendables 3 New Banner

There’s a lot of them lol. All deliver hammy acting. The bright spots were:


Antonio Banderas is the primary comedy relief in the film, and he very nearly steals the movie. I could watch a whole film on this character.


Mel Gibson, despite his antics, is still a star. He chews through every scene with relish. He is just as a great a villain as he ever was a hero.

It’s not a very good movie, but it is enjoyable enough. There is some stunningly bad dialogue in this, maybe 25% of the jokes work, and most of those are by Banderas. Probably the best of the Expendables films. Take from that what you will.

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