Comix this Week: 08/20/2014

 Comic books are one of the great loves of my life, and I hope that all of you enjoy this weekly jaunt into this amazing world. As with my movie reviews, this is not comprehensive. I cannot afford to read every comic, nor will I illegally download them, I respect the medium too much for that, but I don’t judge any who do. Every week there will be a “pick of the week”, what I feel is the essential comic of my purchases.At the end of the year, I will review my picks and choose a top 5 comics of the year.

I use cover images in my reviews. These images are from various comic companies, such as Marvel, DC, and Image in today’s case. They own this stuff. I do this for fun, not money.Enjoy.

August 20th, 2014

This was a particularly good week. I only bought four new comics, and all were winners.


Wolverine Annual 2014


We are barreling towards “The death of Wolverine” this fall, and this annual issue tells a story of Logan and Jubilee, with baby Shogo, out in the woods for a camping trip. They come across a pack of wolves that Wolverine is a member of (of course he is), and 2 hapless campers wander along, shoot Wolverine, who no longer has his healing factor, kills the Alpha Male of the wolf pack and steal baby Shogo- thinking that the Mutants are monsters that are going to kill the baby. Great, GREAT, artwork and a good tale!

New Avengers 23


As the cover clearly shows, the “Illuminati” have split. Their decision to destroy another Earth has shaken them to the core. They all decide that they would rather die than kill billions, again. The incursion comes, and the heroes prepare for their deaths. Then, nothing happens. No exploding worlds. They try to make sense of it, when they realize that one of their number is missing..Namor. He has created “The Cabal”, a group of villains that will destroy worlds to save theirs. This means trouble. Good stuff!

Stray Bullets: Killers 6


It is 1987, and Virginia and Eli go to the home of his mentor, whom Virginia calls  “Boogerman”, a model ship builder who she and her cousin had a run in back when they were kids, just before the cousin died. Was Boogerman involved? An okay issue.


Multiversity 1


I thought for sure this would be a stinker. Its been promised since around 2008, and it is finally out. I have no idea what took so long, but it was worth it. There is some crazy grotesque force that is eating the Multiverse. The last Monitor tries to stop it, but is captured. He sends the hero of one of the earths, the Thunderer, to his base, the Multiversity, tor recruit heroes from around the multiverse to stop the threat. I was amazed to see Bloodwynd in there, giving me hope that the “old” DCU still exists. We see the Black Superman, Captain Carrot, and an assortment of others face off against an “Avengers” team, only to see the last monitor has been corrupted and has joined the villains! It was typical Grant Morrisson when he is 100% on the money. When this guy misses, he misses hard, but he pulled this one off. I will be reading this to completion.

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