Star Wars Revisited: The Clone Wars-Season Six (Lost Missions)

A long time ago… I discovered Star Wars. It would define my life. It’s time to rediscover it.

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Part Six: The Lost Missions

This is it! The final batch of Clone Wars stories. They did not disappoint after the phenomenal Season Five.


109-112: The Unknown, Conspiracy, Fugitive, Orders: The last adventure of Fives, the last of the Clone troopers we met all the way back in the academy in the early episodes. Fives tracks down a conspiracy involving inhibitor chips implanted in all clones. He removes his and realizes the Sith Conspiracy that is overtaking the Galaxy, as well as the secret orders to kill Jedi, order 66. Fives dies at the end. It’s been so sad to watch this group of characters die one after another. Their commander Rex is the only one to escape this unscathed… I fear Revenge of the Sith was not kind to him.


113-115: An old Friend, The Rise of Clovis, Crisis at the heart: Clovis, former boyfriend of Padme Amidala, returns to become leader of the banking clan. He is suckered into a trap by Dooku and furthers Sidious’ plan by causing the war to break out on the Neutral planet of the Bank. The Supreme Chancellor takes control of the bank to “protect it” and Clovis dies in the scuffle, sacrificing his life so Padme can be saved. The first real signs of trouble in Anakin and Padme’s relationship appear here.


116-117: The Disappeared 1 and 2: On the planet Bardotta, Queen julia calls in her friend Jar jar Binks, with Mace Windu, to stop the rise of an evil cult that is trying to take over the planet. It’s essentially Jar Jar Binks and the Temple of Doom, except instead of Mola Ram, we have Mother Talzin. Not bad for a Jar Jar story.


118-121: The Lost One, Voices, Destiny, Sacrifice: The final story. The mystery of Master Sifo Dyas, and his role in the creation of the Clone Army is finally visited. Along the way, Yoda discovers that Qui Gon Ginn has survived death and joined the force, able to keep his consciousness something that is heretofore unknown to the Jedi. Qui Gon first sends him to Dagobah where he enters “The Cave”, you know which one, and faces the darkness. He then goes on an adventure across the galaxy to study with The Whills, powerful force beings who train the worthy to learn the technique. Yoda defeats his inner turmoil and then goes to Moraband (formerly Korriban) homeworld of the Sith. He there has a force battle, all in his mind, against Darth Sidious. Its a great episode.


Fantastic. That’s all that can be said. Some of the best Star Wars ever made. Much better than Episode 1 and 2. This show IS the prequels to the Original Trilogy. It will be missed. The remaining scripts are being adapted into comic books and novels, so the adventure is not over yet. This team moved on to produce “Rebels” which is off to a great start. More on that at the end of this planned 15 part series.



Part 10: Clone Wars Season 3


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