Warlords of Draenor! UPDATED

Today was the day! I logged in to World of Warcraft prepared to begin a long 4-day weekend of WoWing!


After the initial lag at 3am, start time, I progressed through the starting area quickly. I then took a nap. A few hours later I awakened and began the work of getting my main- Dubiel, Human Warlock, on the road to level 100.


Most of the day was a little slow with the lag, but the starting zone for Alliance, Shadowmoon Valley, is well designed and the new features are a ton of fun. Blizzard captured something really special here. Then…


For HOURS. Basically, the evening came and everything exploded. DDOS attacks or just server overload? We don’t know. Gotta love game launches. hehe


Well, it is now Sunday and the game had a rough first couple of days. Thursday and Friday were laggy nightmares. The servers were down until a little before noon on Saturday, but were fine after. I saw many people in chat complaining about the lag, but I experienced none of it that day. Now begins the 2 year slog through content. hehe

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