The 402nd film I have seen in theaters…



In the not too distant future, the Earth has suffered a terrible calamity. Crops are dying, the Earth is changing, heating up, and mankind is hanging on by a thread. One man, former pilot/engineer named Cooper is living on a farm. Makind has given up on high technology and has reverted to an agrarian lifestyle. No one even believes that Man walked on the moon anymore. His daughter, Murphy, discovers strange gravitational anomalies in her bedroom. They are discovered to be morse code coordinates to Norad. There, Cooper discovers the remains of Nasa, secretly building a space station to save humanity. They tell Cooper that the gravity anomaly is caused by a stable wormhole near Saturn. Nasa had sent 12 manned missions through the wormhole to find signs of life. Cooper and a crew of astronauts are sent through the wormhole to find the missing missions and find a home for humanity.


Mcconaughey plays Cooper. The man is on a roll and is in his acting prime. He delivers yet again as a dreamer, a scientist, in a world that has turned it back on it.


Hathaway is Brand, scientist that goes on the mission hoping to find one of the manned probes piloted by the man she loves. She does a fine job, especially in the scenes where she faces the horrors that await them in space.


Michael Caine is Professor Brand, Hathaway’s father and leader of the Nasa program. he’s always great.


Due to the wonders of relativity, Jessica Chastain plays Murphy, Cooper’s daughter as an adult. She now works for Nasa and is trying to find a way to get humanity into space to complete the mission her father began.


John Lithgow has a brief part as Cooper’s father in law. He’s only onscreen a short while, but its enough.


Science. The real star of this film. The filmmakers wanted to know what a black hole looks like. They asked the scientific community for all of it’s data and they designed one- thereby redefining our idea of what it looks like. That’s right, this movie discovered something new about the universe.

The best Space film since 2001. It asks similar questions but goes one step further. It looks at our civilization and says, quite loudly… SHAME ON YOU. We allow idiots in Texas to rewrite our history books to makes us a fundamentalist christian nation. We deny the moon landing, the greatest event in human history. We laugh at scientists that warn us that we are destroying the planet. This may not be the best film of the year, but it has the best message. A reminder of who we are. America was amazing once. We walked on the fucking moon. That was 40 years ago. What happened to us?


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