The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part one

The 401st film I have seen in theaters…



Katniss has escaped the “Quarter Quell” games and is in District 13, long thought destroyed. She is appropriated by the President of 13 to foster rebellion in the other districts. After discovering the slaughter of her home district, 12, she rallies the troops against the villainous President Snow of Panem, all the while hoping to rescue her friend/lover Peeta from the clutches of the Capital. Such a simple description, such an amazing film.


This is a film of great performances. Even the smallest roles have gravitas and add to the proceedings. Leading the pack is Jennifer Lawrence. This is her movie, through and through. I cannot wait to see how the story of Katniss ends (I refuse to read the books until after the series ends)


Many would put the character of Gale second in this, but I truly beileve this spot belongs to Donald Sutherland’s President Snow. As I said in the past, inspired casting. This is one of the great actors of the last 50 years, and its awesome to see him have a career resurgence, possibly his last.


Still no Gale. Watching this film, you see 3 characters moving things along. Katniss the Mockingjay, Snow the villain, and Plutarch the puppetmaster. This character is a HUGE part of this film. I cannot imagine what the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman has done to the final part. Very sad.


Julianne Moore plays President Coin of District 13. She exudes strong leader, but also a bit of “asshole”. I am curious to see where this character goes in the final part.


Hutcherson as Peeta Melark. He only appears a few times, but holy shit. His final “television” appearance was shocking. His final scenes in the film were terrifying. great stuff.

Sadly, everyone else in the movie is disposable. They show up for a couple of scenes and that’s it. Even…


He essentially is here to be “Jacob” of Twilight. The guy who the woman “would have” chosen if the other guy wasn’t around. I was hoping that after 2 movies of not doing or being much to the story, that he would get to shine. It did not happen. This is okay though. Peeta’s story is heartbreaking.


Haymitch makes 2 or 3 notable appearances and then vanishes into the background.


Poor Effie makes out even worse in fashion backwards District 13.


Ah, Flickerman, my favorite character. He makes a few appearances via televised propaganda, and that’s it. I am sure he will have a spectacular death, probably on camera, in part 2.

I liked the first Hunger Games quite a bit. I thought #2 soared far beyond it. #3 improves upon it even more. I am confident that they can stick the landing next November. Great films.


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