Comix this week 5/27/2015


I love comics. After film, it is my favorite art form. Here’s what I read for this week- May 27, 2015.

Secret Wars:

I am enjoying the main Secret Wars series quite a bit, but these mini series tie-ins are leaving me flat. Ultimate End has promise, but this week’s offerings were not something I need to continue reading, save two.


Secret Wars: Journal #1- A look at the King James version of the Marvel Universe. Forgettable.

detail (1)

Secret Wars: 2099 #1: This I might check out next month. A trip to the 2099 Universe is always welcome. This had a few great twists and surprises.

detail (2)

Inferno: After an awesome first few pages it fell down the rabbit hole. Sad.


Old man Logan 1: The art was awesome. Old man Logan is one of those concepts that just always works. I’ll be reading issue 2.

detail (3)

Where Monsters Dwell #1- I did not know what this was about, but I picked it up anyways. It started off hilarious and ended hilarious. Good Pulpy fun. My personal favorite of the bunch.


Deadly Class 13: Heartbreaking!!! A great end to this arc.



Sandman Overture 5: Tough to beat out Deadly Class, but Sandman is phenomenal. As the Multiverse dies, Dream visits his mother in the center of a black hole. Beautiful art by Williams and Gaiman is on point. Worth your 3.99

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