Game of Thrones: The Dance of Dragons


“The Dance of Dragons”


Screwed. Jon Snow has let the Wildlings into Castle Black in hopes of having all humanity stand against the White Walkers and their Night’s King. having read the books, next week is gonna be rough.


Brutal. Something that has not occurred in the books yet. Melissandre and Stannis burn little Shireen at the stake to use her “King’s Blood” to assure victory against the Boltons at Winterfell. Those screams will be in my ears all night.


Awesome. As the Gladiator fights are happening, and Jorah is in the ring, the Sons of the Harpy attack and surround Daenerys and her surviving guard, now including her adviser- Tyrion. Drogon the Dragon comes, saves her.

game-of-thrones-drogon-3 After frying the Harpies, Drogon reconnects with mamma. Dany jumps on his back and they fly away into the sky.


Oops. It was more like this:



If he had any lingering doubts, Tyrion squashed them to officially become “Team Daenerys”


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