Star Wars Revisited: A New Hope

A long time ago… I discovered Star Wars. It would define my life. It’s time to rediscover it.

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Star Wars: A New Hope


Ok. If you don’t know this- why are you here? Okay…

Princess Leia has the secret plans to a weapon called the DEATH STAR. She is captured by Darth Vader, but not before she gets the plans to safety via the droids R2D2 and C-3PO. They land on the planet Tatooine, meet Luke Skywalker, Ben Kenobi, Han Solo and Chewbacca. They head off to deliver the plans, rescue the Princess and eventually try to destroy the Death Star.


Mark Hamill is Luke Skywalker, sorta whiny farmboy from Tatooine. He wants a life of adventure and to be like his father, deceased Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker.maxresdefault (3)

Carrie Fisher is Princess Leia Organa, Imperial Senator and high ranking member of the Rebel Alliance.

Harrison Ford sets himself up for life with his portrayal of Han Solo, Spice Smuggler (Drug dealer) who shoots first, asks questions later and is only interested in protecting his own skin.

Alec Guiness in the role that would haunt the last 20 years of his life. He plays Obi Wan “Ben” Kenobi, exiled Jedi Master and former General during the Clone Wars.chewie-db_2c0efea2

Peter Mayhew is Chewbacca, Han Solo’s trusty side-kick and co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon.r2d2-and-c3po-star-wars

Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker are C-3PO and R2D2.

Peter Cushing delivers a cunning performance as Grand Moff Wilhuf Tarkin, Governor of the outer-rim and commander of the Death Star project. His esteem is so high that even Darth Vader answers to, and respects him.VaderChoke

Speaking of which, David Prowse provides a menacing physical performance as Darth Vader, Sith Lord. James Earl Jones, however, is who people most associate with the part. His booming voice was a perfect match for Vader.

Not much to say really. This is a movie that changed popular culture forever. The impact of this film cannot be overstated. There are people alive only because their parents were into Star Wars. I even met my wife at a Star Wars Celebration (Denver 1999).

Next: the trilogy takes a dark turn…







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