A Look Ahead (2015)

Hello my 3 readers,

The holidays have slowed me down a bit and I find myself behind on 2 movie reviews!!

#414 Spectre, and 415: Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2 will be arriving sometime this week before 416:Creed is seen.

I am going to attempt to squeeze in (at least) Trumbo in the next couple of weeks before The Force Awakens is unleashed on us. This is also a good time (for me mostly) to plan ahead to see what remainder of 2015 looks like.

Week of December 1: Reviews of Spectre(414), Hunger Games(415), Creed(416), Trumbo(417) (if possible).

Week of December 8: Reviews of Macbeth (if possible), The Night before (If I can’t see Macbeth), Star Wars Revisited: The Empire Strikes Back.

Week of December 15: Star Wars Revisited- Return of the Jedi. The Force Awakens (OMG 2 1/2 weeks!)

Week of December 22 Review of Sisters (gonna be tough with Star Wars playing, but it looks genuinely awesome.)

Week of December 28 Reviews of Hateful Eight (must-see), Revenant (supposed to be brutally epic), Joy (If I can squeeze it in. I’ve developed a tradition of seeing David O. Russell the week of new years.)

December 31: The Skinny on 2015.

December is always a fun month, and I cannot wait to share all these wonderful moments with you.

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