The 421st film I have seen in theaters…



The Ellis sisters return to their Orlando home to discover their parents are selling the place. They throw one last party before the sale.


Obviously a vehicle for this duo to reteam, they are up to their normal standards.

Maya Rudolph is the catty woman from high school that was never invited to their parties back in the day. She can be incredibly funny, but tries a little too hard with her silly accent here.


Ike Barinholtz plays the contractor guy a few houses down that becomes Poehler’s love interest. He’s okay, but really adds little other than getting reamed in the ass by a music box.

JOHN CEEEEEEENA! plays Pazuzu, the drug dealer. He does well.


Stealing every scene, amazingly, is Bobby Moynihan! I was annoyed the first time he did his “Schick” onscreen, but after his character accidentally snorts some sort of super-cocaine it gets amazing.

Okay, nothing special. There were some great performances, and many appearances by other actors/comedians in minor roles, that increased the  quality of the work. In the end, though, it ends up a largely forgettable movie. Fun for a couple hours, but never needs to be seen again.


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