2016, and BEYOND!


Hello everyone! Welcome to 2016, the year “The Skinny from the Fatty” will take off. Welcome to Superponte.com!


That’s right my (3) readers! I have opened up my dusty wallet to own a domain! superponte.com! This new link will usher in a new, hopefully more active, era for this blog.

2015 saw me retract a bit, focusing only on movie reviews. This led to some stagnation, and loss of visitors. In an effort to combat this, and provide myself a creative outlet, I am seriously upping the frequency of posts.

I am planning (mostly) daily updates from here on out. These posts will cover a wide variety of topics, such as:

Films: I plan on seeing 2 movies a month at the theater, minimum.

TV: I don’t watch very much television, but what I do watch is often exceptional. This will likely be a weekly column of television offerings, current and reruns.

Comix This Week: My original outlet! This started as a weekly e-mail between friends, recounting what we thought of that week’s comic books. It led me into blogging, and It returns January 6th.

Video Games: I am not sure how often this will be published. Right now I am planning some written game reviews, but I am also considering doing some game play videos on YouTube, perhaps some live-streaming. The entertainment value would be that I am actually terrible at many games.

Books: Yes! They still exist! I do a bit of reading, not what I used to do in my youth (2-4 books a week), but I can see myself reading one every week or so.

Entertainment news: I am little hesitant with this. Other places do this very well, but I think this could make some good “skinny” as a daily column. More “things that catch my fancy” than a comprehensive reporting.

Hobby/collection: This will be monthly, as I am not made of money, but I do amass collections of various geeky items, including a Loot Crate subscription.

Life Events: I don’t do conventions as often as I once did, but I do tend to do some interesting things from time to time. I will probably resurrect some write ups from my old website (mponte.com) and revisit some old comic conventions 1999-present.

That’s plan, and I think I can pull it off. What do you say readers? Can we get 10K viewers on this blog?

Let’s have some fun!!


I also have a snazzy banner now. lol

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