01/10/2016: The Skinny

cooltext157069031544921January 10, 2016




The famous Playboy mansion in LA is up for sale. Playboy listed the mansion for 200 million, approximately 120 more than it’s actual value. Real Estate people are stating that the home’s real value is the land, where the mansion would be torn down. I hope someone keeps it intact. Regardless of who buys the house, Hefner is allowed to stay there for life. No word on the bunnies.


Sean Penn is now being investigated for meeting with “El Chapo”, the notorious drug lord that has been on the lam for 7 months. I have no idea what possible charges could be brought to bear against him. Hardly an accomplice, but he had direct knowledge of the whereabouts of a fugitive for at least 4 months. His interview with Penn, with Rolling Stone, directly led to his capture.



No official numbers will come out until tomorrow, but it seems that The Force Awakens has fended of “The Revenant” starring DiCaprio. I hope to see it soon!



Angus Scrimm passed away at the age of 89. I regret passing up a chance to meet him at a convention many years ago. His is best remembered for his role of “The Tall Man” in the many Phantasm films. He was initially a journalist, and was fairly prolific writing liner notes for the music industry, notably for Frank Sinatra and even “Meet the Beatles”. His final role is The Tall Man in Phantasm: Ravager- due out this year.


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