The Skinny: 01/18/2016

cooltext157069031544921January 18 2016


The Independent has an article that I’ve been sorely waiting for. It provides an interview that finally explains “The Bread” from TFA. This created some debate with friends and family. Some thought it was CGI. Others thought it was fairly real, with some chemical reaction going on. I suggested that they drained the water and the muffin was a balloon. I was fairly close! I cannot believe it took 3 months to master it, but what JJ wants, JJ gets.



Well, the end has come. While still doing great, especially for a movie 1 month old, The Force Awakens has lost the top spot. At 852,309,841, it is the #1 domestic film ever, #12 Adjusted for inflation, and likely to end up #11, ahead of the 860 Mill for 101 Dalmatians. While it is possible the film will hold in the 20 million a week route favored by Titanic, it is unlikely. 900M will be tough, but it might make it. Either way, it is an excellent performance. My 14 dollars contributed to this as I caught by 7th viewing yesterday, Laser projected #D Imax no less, and it holds up SO well. My final viewing will be Saturday the 23rd, again in IMAX 3D, Laser. At that time it will pass into cinematic posterity for an afterlife on Blu Ray. Cheers Star Wars!

  1. Ride Along 2 35,320,000
  2. The Revenant 31,800,000
  3. The Force Awakens 26,377,000
  4. 13 Hours 16,218,000
  5. Daddy’s Home 9,543,000


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