The 422nd film I have seen in theaters…


Oh boy


Mercenary Wade Wilson finds the love of his life, then gets cancer. He joins an experimental testing group to cure it and kickstarts a mutant gene which makes him immortal. He goes after the leader of the experiment for torturing him and making him ugly.



Ryan Reynolds shines as Deadpool. So stoic.


Morena Baccarin (seen here with Reynolds) plays the love interest.


Stefan Kapicic provides the voice of the CGI Colossus! Amazing render on him.


MMA star Gina Carano appears as Pixie Dust (here with love interest The Blob)


It was particularly great to see Hugh Jackman return as Wolverine.


The absolute best adaptation of a comic book…ever. From tone to design, this IS Deadpool. It is rightfully being rewarded with all the money. I cannot wait to see what happens when Cable appears in Deadpool 2!


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