Old School Review: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids



The 2nd film I have seen in theaters…


Classic 80’s kids entertainment


A scientist creates a shrink ray, and his kids, and their friends are accidentally shrunk. The parents freak out. They wander about the house and yard, being chased by insects, etc until the are returned to their proper size.



Rick Moranis plays the scientist. He was at the height of his powers here. I miss this guy. i hope he gets back into acting again.


The children! That is honestly all I can say about them other than that they mostly stopped acting by the mid 90’s. Some went on to be somewhat successful behind the camera. It’s tough being a kid actor. One of the bit part kids did some prison time.


Marcia Strassman played Moranis’ wife. She is best know probably for playing Mr Kotter’s wife in Welcome Back Kotter. She passed away in 2014.


Max Headroom and Buffy’s mom play the neighbor’s parents. Frewer is always awesome.


I honestly don’t have much to say about this one. Its been about 22 years since I last saw it (at least). It was a huge hit that spawned terrible sequels (which I never saw). Rick Moranis, the giant bowl of cheerios, and the carpet fibers are all that really stand out.

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