Monday Night Raw 5/23/16


 Raw 1200 5/23/16

A great edition of RAW that moved the story along and begins to build up to Summerslam!

cooltext172678949605992(all images and story are property of WWE. Please take the free publicity and don’t sue me.)


The showed opened up with Seth popping to a HUGE return, and then promptly insulting the audience and bringing on the boos. Seth is a master heel. Roman comes out, and has some words with Seth. Shane emerges and announces the main event of “MITB” will be Rollins vs Reigns for the title. and there was much rejoicing in the kingdom. You don’t realize how much you miss someone until they are off the air for 7 months. Seth was an outstanding weasel champ. I hope he gets it back from Mr Charisma asap.


Ba-da-BOOM! How you doin?!! Enzo makes his return tonight after suffering a hell-acious concussion at Payback. Seriously, I thought we had just watched him die! Big Cass was doing amazingly well without him though, proving he can stand alone. Having them together is magical though.


New Day celebrated the 1200th edition of Raw with a giant birthday cake. The beat The Social Outcasts, they now being the only jobbers to have survived the culling of 2016. The cake ended up in The Werewolf’s face, and JBL showed the world that he has no idea what the difference is between yellow cake and ice cream.


Charlotte tells her dad to get lost. Yes, her final heel form is complete. We all knew that she had to dump her old man to truly evolve into the evil bitch we need her to be.


Gotta hand it to Ric. The man can cry! He sold it 1000%. Gonna miss seeing him around, but it was necessary for Charlotte to grow.


It was a night of break-ups as AJ Styles kicked “The Club” to “The Curb”, ending their association. Setting the stage for “The Balor Club”? You bet your ass.Styles was promptly destroyed by KO.


Now that we have a main event, we need to know who is in the ladder match for the briefcase. These first five are not very surprising, save Jericho. I thought he would lose to Crews, but watching the match, it is obvious Crews is not ready for prime time. This is Ambrose’ year though. Summerslam 3 way fight between the former Shield is meant to be.



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