GoT: Blood of my blood

Wowza! This show is plunging straight ahead into some really interesting stuff!


We knew Sam came from a rich family, but…


He goes home to have Gilly live with his family in safety, but after his father treats her like garbage, Sam decides to take her with him. Where they are going? No idea. He did steal his dad’s awesome sword though.


Arya is about to assasinate the actress on the orders of the faceless, when she remembers that she is not an assassin. She is Arya Stark. She reclaims needle and waits for the inevitable attack by the faceless, who she just screwed over.


The holy shit moment of the week. The Queen prepares for her walk of shame. Her family’s army arrives to bust her out. Jaime assists. At the moment of battle, King Tommen walks out and we realize that the High Sparrow has brainwashed the kid with religion.


The Kingsguard now wear the 7 pointed star on their chests. Tommen kicks his “uncle” out of the Kingsguard for attacking the faith. The Seven Kingdoms are now, essentially, a theocracy. A fanatical, incredibly well armed theocracy.

giphy (5)



As Meera and Bran escape the army of the dead, following Hodor’s sacrifice, COLDHANDS arrives and saves them. After years of mystery in the books over who this “good” zombie is, the show flat out says it is Benjen Stark- Eddard’s brother from season 1!

giphy (3)

Finally, we catch up with Dany. Remember little Drogon in season 1? Remember how he was now big enough to ride in season 5?


See that little white blotch at the top of Drogon’s head? That is Dany’s long hair. That son of a bitch doubled in size from season 5. Imagine this thing doubling again in season 7, and then double THAT in the final season!

giphy (4)

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  1. Hodor didn’t sacrifice himself last week tho. Bran sacrificed him by making him hold the door while he was warged into him from the past. That’s what made it so tragic and just soul crushingly sad. 😦

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