Old School Review: Hook



The 7th film I have seen in theaters…


A classic from my childhood. I saw it in the theater and replayed it endlessly on VHS


It is the.1990’s and Peter and his wife are in England to visit his wife’s aunt Wendy. He is a busy businessman, with little time for his family. Then, his children are kidnapped by Captain James Hook and Peter is whisked off to Never-land. There he discovers that HE is in fact PETER PAN!



One of his amazing early 1990’s children roles. Robin Williams was THE MAN. From Popeye to Toys, I can watch anything he appeared in. His energy, natural or pharmaceutical, was amazing. His casting as Peter Pan was a no-brainer. His sad death casts a pall over my memories of him, but I’ll never let it overcome the wonderful joy this man exuded in all of his roles (except that creepy photo booth one).


Dustin Hoffman is Hook, and an amazing Hook he was! While on the surface it may seem like strange casting, he 100% worked as the one armed terror of the seas!


Julia Roberts as Tinker Bell. Look at those gams. Definitely the hottest ‘Tink to date.

HOOK, Robin Williams, 1991


Dante Basco plays RUFIO! RUFIO! The guy that takes over the lost boys in Peter’s absence. This guy really shined here. He has continued working in indie and web work, and has found some success as a voice actor.


The late, great, Bob Hoskins plays Mr. Smee. He steals every scene he appears in. He reprises the role in the sub par 2010’s TV mini series. A remarkably powerful actor (seriously- watch “The Long Good Friday”.His last scenes are amazing) He passed in 2014 from pneumonia after a diagnosis of Parkinson’s.


As I was researching this article, I saw Maggie Smith as the ancient Wendy Darling and wondered- How the F old is this woman? She was only 55 when she made Hook, looking pretty much the same today on Downton Abbey. A living legend, she would go on to play in the Harry Potter films.


Rounding out the cast are the Lost Boys. A fine bunch of young actors who served their roles well. Especially the chubby one. I always liked him.


This is a weird movie, but it works. The musical numbers, especially the one by the little girl are annoying, and were back then too. Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, and Bob Hoskins make the whole film rise to amazing heights. This is a solid film. Speilberg’s best children’s movie.


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