Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

The 428th film I have seen in theaters…


A step in the right direction


The evil Shredder breaks out of prison and is enlisted by interdimensional warlord Krang to collect pieces to an alien machine which will open a portal to Earth, allowing Krang to conquer. The Turtles join with Casey Jones to stop the threat!



Megan Fox continues to be the worst element of these films. She is not April O’Neil. Time for a recast.


The Turtle design is growing on me. Their characterizations are on the money, which goes a long way.

Stephen Amell makes his debut as Casey Jones, the hockey playing vigilante. He definitely played this “happier” than his Green Arrow. A mistake in my opinion.

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2' filming in a police station in Tribeca

Will Arnett returns as comedic relief “The Falcon”. He is a welcome addition to any project. The man is hilarious.


Shredder thankfully appears as Shredder in this one. While mostly unmasked, his final suit is far closer to what we expect than the robot machine suit crap of the first.


Tony Shaloub is our Splinter. The voice is fine, but I will always prefer this version. Note- Vanilla Ice music does play in the film, and “Go ninja, go ninja GO!” is part of the theme music at the end. Awesome.


Tyler Perry, not appearing in drag for once, stars as Evil Neil Degrasse Tyson. No, seriously. This is the extra geeky evil version of Tyson.


Laura Linney plays the Police Chief who learns to trust the Turtles. Ok…now its time for the 3 best characters in this thing…


Yes, we get Gary Anthony Williams as Bebop, and WWE’s Shaemus as Rocksteady! They stole the damn show. Seeing these two on screen was a major selling point for me, and I was not disappointed.


We get Brad Garrett as the voice of Krang. YES! KRANG! When I realized that this was a Krang movie, with the robot suit and Technodrome… yes. I said Technodrome.


I realized that this was going to be a special movie. It was completely faithful to the original cartoon in it’s use of these characters. Seeing it on screen in live action was amazing.


A better film than it should have been. Miles ahead of the first film, but still being dragged down by Megan Fox. She needs to go for this to flourish.

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