GoT: The Broken Man

Well, the awesome continues this week as we build up to an epic final 3 episodes!! Over so soon?! ARGHHH!


Jaime arrives at Riverrun, WITH BRONN, and meets the with Blackfish. No deals are to be made. The Blackfish vows to fight to the death!



Arya prepares to return to Westeros, but is stabbed in the gut by waif! In the gut!

giphy (1)


It seems all the Greyjoys enjoys the ladies! Yara likes them so much so, that she is taking her ships across the narrow sea make a deal with Daenerys! Wait a minute, girl on girl?

giphy (2)tumblr_o3qs7yfy5E1qis07wo1_1280


Hmmm. This episode starts off strangely. A Pre-credits scene? Why is Cocksucking Ian McShane here in a rare pre-credits scene??



To serve as a convenient plot device to return THE HOUND to the story!! WOO! Clegane Bowl confirmed!


giphy (3)giphy (4)giphy (5)giphy (6)

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