Game of Thrones: Winds of Winter


Holy. Fucking. Shit.

I don’t even know where to begin with the season finale. Plots that have been developed for years were resolved tonight.


Walder Frey gets iced by Arya. FINALLY.

giphy (1)


maxresdefaultgiphy (5)

Yes. The infamous R+L=J theory has been confirmed. Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark are Jon Snow’s parents. Also concerning Jon…


The Bannermen have pledged their loyalty to Jon Snow, the new King in the North!

giphy (6)


Davos confronts the Red Lady about Shireen’s death. She is allowed to flee south with her life. Much to my amazement.

giphy (11)


Dany names Tyrion as Hand of the Queen. I felt so happy for him.

giphy (7)

Cl7L7JvWIAEJ_hXCl7GezsWEAA1aw4This is how the season ends. The Targaryen fleet sails across the narrow sea to presumably land in Dorne and begin the assault against Cersei.

giphy (8).gif

Wait a minute… they are assaulting Cersei?

giphy (9)

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 5.21.24 PM

First Cersei has Pycelle lured into the dungeons where Qyburn has him assassinated. Whoa. RIP General Veers.

giphy (10)

sparrowAs the Tyrells (except Oleanna) and all of the Septs and faith militant await Cersei’s appearance for her trial. Margery realizes that something is wrong. But it is too late.


giphy (4)

tumblr_o9et0vXeFo1uznep3o2_1280wildfire-gotgiphy (4)tumblr_o9et0vXeFo1uznep3o4_1280giphy (12)tumblr_o9et0vXeFo1uznep3o5_1280giphytumblr_o9et0vXeFo1uznep3o6_1280
tumblr_o9et0vXeFo1uznep3o7_1280giphy (13)

Cersei blows a cache of wildfire underneath the Sept of Baelor and blows it to hell. All inside are killed. The High Sparrow, the Tyrells, all her enemies in one convenient spot. Her revenge is now complete.


Wow. How could they top that?


His faith destroyed, his wife dead, King Tommen commits suicide by jumping from the tower. King’s Landing indeed.

giphy (3)

So… what happens to this?game-of-thrones-poster_85627-1920x1200.0


Queen Cersei, first of her name. Holy fuck.

This is, by far, the best episode of the series to date. Incredible.

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