Suicide Squad

The 432nd film I have seen in theaters…12489243_1674589672821667_4430624289856009994_o



The secretive Amanda Waller amasses a team of super-villains who will be forced to work for the Government. It all goes tits up when one of the team goes rogue and the rest are sent into a city under siege to take her out. All the while, the murderous Joker hovers in the background, trying to bust out his beloved Harley Quinn.



Margot Robbie KILLS IT as Harley Quinn. They got the character down pat, from the origin story to “Puddin”. Whenever she is on screen, she captivates.


Ah, Will Smith. He dialed back his “Will Smith-ness” here, but it can’t help but come out. He almost never wears his iconic white mask, and they saddled him with a lot of family man morality. He tried very hard to be the leading man, when he should have been a stone cold killer. He was clearly trying to be the standout, but I think Harley outshines him.


Jai Courtney, the poor man’s Tom Hardy, is Captain Boomerang. His wacky take on the character is okay, I’d be down with seeing more of him.


Viola Davis is a stone cold Amanda Waller. Perfect acting with a questionable script.


Rick Flag is played by Joel Kinnaman. His character just sucks. Acting was so-so, and the script for him was non existent “I want to save my girlfriend” is as deep as it gets.


Speaking of the girlfriend, Cara Delevigne plays Enchantress. Disappears for most of the film which is probably a good thing as this lady could not act her way out of a paper bag. Go back to modeling Miss eyebrows…


As a comic fan, it took me until the end of the movie to realize Diablo is supposed to be El Diablo, Lazarus Lane, whom I know from the old Jonah Hex adventures.


I was unaware that he had been rebooted into the modern continuity. He was okay, I dug the character and the actor, Jay Hernandez was good.


Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is Batman villain Killer Croc. He doesn’t do much in the way of speaking, but his few scenes are well executed. Decent design on the make up.


Wasted was Karen Fukuhara as Katana. Forced backstory, and poor execution for a cool character.


Ok now, I liked where Leto took Joker. The agent of chaos from the trilogy is gone and we have more the  “Clown Prince of Crime” with a modern edge. He has the silly henchmen and everything. This incarnation has great potential for the future. There are definite issues here though, and I am concerned that that potential might remain unrealized.


The trailers let slip that Batman was in the movie. What I did not know was that Affleck is playing him! I figured it would just be a stunt man and we never see his face. I was wrong! Bruce Wayne even appears in the post credits scene.


Even more welcome was our first real look at Ezra Miller as The Flash! Yeah, I know!


5/10. The movie had some definite script issues, but was somewhat enjoyable. The soundtrack and editing really fit the tone they were aiming for. I just wish they were aiming a little higher. I had hoped that Smith would more fully embraced the dark side, but he never went for it. Robbie is on the path to stardom if she keeps it up. Harley started as a character in the 90’s cartoon. Now she is a staple of the Bat-mythos and front and center in these early DC films. She and the Joker are going to do some great stuff going forward, despite some concerns I still harbor about Leto. I was particularly happy to see this scene recreated on screen, with the right costumes too!


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