A look ahead 2.0: (2016)


A little over a month ago, I commented on the stupendous turd-scicle that 2016 has been. I put together a list of films that I hoped to see, including several at a film marathon. Well, the marathon came and went. I did not attend. Dammit. Where does that leave us? In a surprisingly hopeful position….I hope.


I have dug down deep and have compiled a list of films that I hope to see. Please let these salvage 2016!! Some of these were not on my summer film radar, others convinced me with a trailer. Here is my hopeful list for 2016:


Shin Godzilla: The return of Japanese Godzilla movies. I will be there next week, Some how, some way!


Jack Reacher: Never go back: I have not seen the original, but Tom Cruise has been making terrific movies these last few years. I will be catching up and most likely seeing this.


Inferno: I dug the first 2, and really enjoy the books. I do feel like the film series is a bit played out though. Better to probably stop, but I remain hopeful.


Doctor Strange: It looks promising, but I have no real attachment to the character. I will see it to stay current on the Marvel Cinematic Universe more than anything.


Arrival: Crazy alien eggs flying over the world. The trailer sold me a ticket.


Fantastic beasts and where to find them: Not sure if this Harry Potter prequel will deliver. It seems like a big gamble to expand outside the books, even with Rowling’s involvement. I will see it because I adored the 8 preceding films.


Jackie: There is some serious buzz on this one. Natalie Portman might have the Oscar this winter.


La La Land:  The artist behind Whiplash makes a Hollywood musical starring Ryan Gosling. I adored Whiplash and Gosling was in the best film of 2016 (The Nice Guys). Count me in!


Star Wars: Rogue One: I am probably going to love the shit out of it. Darth Vader returns in an all out Star Wars war movie. YES.


The Founder: Opening against Star Wars is the biopic of the founder of McDonald’s. Having shaved off many years of my life because of their food, I think it best I investigate.


Passengers: Lawrence and Pratt on a spaceship. This has potential.


Assassin’s Creed: I enjoyed the games (did not love them), but my belief that Michael Fassbender is one of the top actors of my generation compels me to check this out.

Well, that is where I stand! I’ve seen 11 films and the last quarter has 12 movies I want to check out. If anything is going to be dropped, it is likely anything on or after 12/16 without the name “Star Wars” in it’s title. The Force Awakens dominated my 2015 holidays. While I want to see those last 3 films, I will be okay if I need to settle for a few more viewings of a (hopefully) good Star Wars flick.

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