Issue 0: January 4th 2017


Issue Zero: 01/04/2017

Only 2 comics this week. Fortunately both were great!



Superman (Volume four) 14: Tomasi and Gleason begin a new story: “Multiplicity”. Clark is driving down the road when he comes across “Red Son” Superman, the Superman of Soviet Russia. Strange creatures are scouring the Multiverse, hunting Supermen. Superman teams up with “Red Son” and the Justice League Incarnate to get to the bottom of the mystery. The art by Reis, Prado, and Maiolo was superb. Kinetic and detailed. I am not a fan of the “cartoony” Japanese art style in Superman, so this is right up my alley. 7/10



Batman (Volume three) 14: Wow. After the battle with Bane in the last arc, Batman makes arrangements for Selina to be taken into prison- for life. Before she turns herself over, she wants one last night with Batman. They spend it fighting crime together, ending with a steamy lovemaking session on a “Rooftop”, title of the arc. The art was stunning, and the writing spot on. The Stephanie Hans cover is one of the best Bat-covers ever. This issue will be remembered. 10/10

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