CTW Issue 1


Issue One: 01/11/2017

All three major companies represented this week. Who will take the top spot?



Poe Dameron 10 -I’ve been rather cold to this title. I expected something more, but it never quite hit what was looking for. Soule and Noto have finally found that groove for me. It is not the title character that is doing it, but the antagonist-Terex. Last issue began his origin story as a Stormtrooper in Palpatine’s Empire and this issue filled in some of the rest, as he became a sort of pirate warlord before hearing of the First Order. In this issue, he leaves the First Order while the flashbacks end with him discovering them. A fantastic issue that also made great use of C-3PO as droid spymaster. I am now looking forward to issue 11, which is a great feeling.



Action Comics 971 – “Men of Steel part 5” Luthor stands trial for his FUTURE crime of suceeding Darkseid as leader of Apokolips. Superman, refusing to allow Luthor to be executed for crimes he did not commit (yet) helps him escape. Their getaway is short lived as they are marooned on a planet with a red sun, effectively neutering Superman. Lex is now in the strange position of having to save Superman. Jurgens being back on Superman is terrific.


Detective Comics 948 – “Batwoman Begins part one” Batwoman’s story gets a beginning as we see her training and tailing Batman, learning by watching. I admit to being a little miffed that they called it “begins” instead of “Year One”, but what can one do. Great art, as always.



 Southern Bastards 16 – Coach Boss crosses the line. To stop the tide of losses, he goes to the home of the opposing team’s received and beats him with the stick,  and his henchemen even shoot his mom in the leg. It all fails, as the guy plays anyways and the game ends in a tie. We are also introduced to Colonel McCluskey and his pet monkey. Resembling Burt Reynolds, I have no doubt another classic character has been introduced. This comic is terrific.



Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses 20 – “The Spawn of Amy Racecar” This comic is always dependable, but I’ve always enjoyed the Amy Racecar stuff quite a bit. This might be my favorite of them all as Beth lies unconscious after getting whacked on the head and hallucinates being the spawn of Amy Racecar. She even goes to a Racecar convention! One of my favorite issues yet.

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