Comix This Week: Issue 3


Issue Three: 01/25/2017

Image ends Saga story arc, DC wraps up Batowman Begins and Luthor’s Trial, and Lord of the Flies meets Yoda over at Marvel!



Action Comics 972 – “Men of Steel Conclusion”- Luthor and Superman fight for their lives on a planet with a Red Sun against aliens who want Luthor dead for crimes he will commit in the future. They manage to save themselves by getting the aliens to trust Superman to stop Luthor if he ever turns bad. The issue ends with Superman and Luthor agreeing to a fresh start, as allies. 8/10


Detective Comics 949 – “Batwoman Begins Finale”. The story of young Kate first meeting Batman is finished as they battle against the Colony who want Hugo Strange’s Monster serum.  I am not 100% sure if this was enough to get me to buy next month’s Batwoman #1. The cover art is beautiful, but I really miss the Greg Rucka writing and the J.H. Williams art. 6/10



Star Wars 27 – “Book VI, Part II: Yoda’s Secret War” This issue continues a story from Obi Wan’s journal, the story of Yoda befriending a group of children in a Lord of the Flies society that worships a giant crystal blue mountain which is strong in the force. Yoda is captured,amazingly, and is forced to find “The Heart of the Mountain” presumably guarded by Smaug. 6/10




Saga 42 – The story arc set on Phang comes to an apocalyptic end. The Will’s dog is killed and he is shot, Phang is headed into a deadly Timesuck, some sort of space anomaly which will kill everyone it comes into contact with. The Marco/Alana Family prepare to leave Phang, the comet home of Jabarah and her family of meercat aliens. They timesuck spits out a black goo-like flood which engulfs Phang. The family rockets away, and Alana has a miscarriage in the violent lift off. Meanwhile, The meercat family drown in the black sludge, praying for a God to save them. The help never comes. The last 8 pages are pitch black. Holy shit, what a depressingly awesome arc  Volume 7 has been. 10/10

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