Naked Gun 33 1/3: The final insult



The 12th film I have seen in theaters…

Frank Drebin’s final case! The finale of this film is epic.



Legendary police detective Frank Drebin is retired, living happily at home with his wife Jane, but he misses being on the job. He finds himself sucked into a new case of terrorism where a bomb is to be set off at the ACADEMY AWARDS! Also, Anna Nicole Smith has a dong.



Leslie Nielsen was the MAN. dsc01219

Yes. I met the MAN. He passed in 2010. RIP.


Priscilla Presley returns as Jane, Frank’s wife. She is not as involved in the plot than the previous installments but has a great Themla and Louise sub plot going on.


Fred Ward plays Rocco, the criminal recuited by Papshmir to bomb Hollywood.


Raye Birk returns as the mustachioed Papshmir. lol. That name.


The legendary Kathleen Freeman plays Rocco’s mom. She passed in 2001. RIP


George Kennedy returns as Ed, police captain. This guy had a stellar career and was a victim of 2016. RIP. The other guy in this photo did absolutely nothing else of note in 1994. Nothing at all.



Rounding out the cast is my mid 1990’s obsession Anna Nicole Smith. To be a 14 year old boy when she hit it big… yowza. She passed all too soon in 2007. RIP.


The first is still the best of the series, but this was a close second. The jokes are dated, but SO many still hold up. The finale at the Oscars is still just as funny as when it premiered.

A classic film.

Looks like Phil Donahue throwing up in a tuba.

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