Comix This Week: 2/1/2017


Issue Four: 02/01/2017

Marvel gives us Darth Maul and the continuing adventures of Yoda. DC ends Superman’s Multiverse adventure and begins Batman’s battle against Bane. Image releases a new Deadly Class which is a game changer.



Superman 16 -“Multiplicity: finale”. Superman, our version, is captured by Prophecy, the giant multiversal threat that sees a greater danger approaching. He has been collecting and killing the Supermen of the Multiverse to gain their strength. He hopes to fight the oncoming enemy, but Superman leads the captive Supermen in a revolt which ends Prophecy’s threat. There was some exposition, but mostly just a battle. The oncoming Watchmen crossover has me worried. 6/10


Batman 16 – “I am Bane: Part One” After the fantastic Catwoman story last month we are given the first part of bane’s attack on Batman. From an awesome opening attack on Arkham Asylum to a hilarious lunch meeting of the Bat-Family at a Batman themed buger joint- “Batburger”, this issue delivers on every level. The final panel is a shocker, almost certainly a fake-out, but still fantastic. I thought Batman would suffer in the post Synder world, but it is thriving. 8/10



Star Wars 28 – “Book VI, Part III: Yoda’s Secret War” The tale of Yoda and the planet of the “force mountain” continues as he makes his way up the blue mountain to the cave, where he discovers the adults of the planet, who are living there, leaving their children to fight their war on their own. Yoda stays a while to learn the ways of the mountain. Despite that strange description, it was a good issue, with a few emotional moments. 6/10


Darth Maul 1 – “Book I Part I” Bunn gives us a tale of Darth Maul pre-Phantom Menace as Sidious’ apprentice. Maul faces off against some Rathtars and sets his sights on a kidnapped Padawan. Desperate to tests his skills against a Jedi, he makes plans to acquire the apprentice. 8/10




Deadly Class 26 – “Ballad of Marcus & Maria: A Prologue” YES. FUCKING YES. This tale is set in Arizona. A white masked warrior fights his way into a compound to rescue a woman who is being tortured- MARIA! She’s not dead, just suffering! The Masked hero- MARCUS! he survived his Freshman year, faking his death I suppose, and rescues his GF! This was unexpected and SO GOOD. Easily the pick of the week. 10/10

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