Comix This Week: 2/15/2017


Issue Six: 02/15/2017

Marvel gives us an adventure with Poe, DC allows Batman to face Bane as Superboy faces swamp monsters, and Image shows expands the Kill or be killed cast.



Batman 17 – “I am Bane part two” Part One had an amazing ending, but after some quick lip service to it, the story moves on to different territory. I was a little disappointed. 5/10


Superman 17 “Dark Harvest” – A trippy adventure with Jon kent in a psycadelic swamp as they are pursued by a monster. It was trippy, and I am as yet unsure if this is major foreshadowing of what is coming. The final shot of the comic is “Other” Clark Kent standing outside their farm. 6/10.



Poe Dameron 11 – a damn good issue that shows Poe attempting to return to the Resistance but realizing that his ship is being tracked. We also get some more great material on Lord Terex. 8/10




Kill or be Killed 6 – after 5 issue with our maniac killer, we are introduced to Lily Sharpe- a cop who is putting together the pieces and hunting Dylan. This was a needed issue as it opened up the story and introduces the legal element. Great stuff. 9/10.

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