Old School Review: The Flintstones



The 14th film I have seen in theaters…



In the Stone Age, Fred gets a promotion at work which is really a ploy to use him as a puppet. They overcome adversity and stop the bad guys.  sigh… this is the type of review that makes me want to retire…



This movie was going to live or die on the casting of Fred and Barney. Amazingly, they had perfect casting. Rick Moranis was an ideal Barney and John Goodman was born to play Fred. I just wish it was a better movie. Goodman is still working and is a cinema icon. Moranis retired to raise his kids and is always on the cusp of returning.


Rosie as Betty. Bad casting. She looked uncomfortable though the whole damn thing. Luckily she had her TV show around the corner to cement her legacy.


Elizabeth Perkins, on the other hand, was a pretty good Wilma. I bought her love for Fred while she was still able to channel the Alice Kramden sarcasm.


Sexy though she was, Halle Berry’s character was a major misstep. This is a kids movie. The adult content and sexual innuendo was out of place in the context.


“Post Twin Peaks” Kyle Maclachlan was on his “let’s try to destroy my career” phase of his career appearing here as the villain of the piece. Come on Muad’dib! You’re better than this! He would star in “Showgirls” a year later and be nearly the only person to escape from the film with their career unscathed. Kyle eventually failed in his attempts to retire and has worked steadily since, to great acclaim.


Elizabeth Taylor…No.


Now, this film is not very good, but it does have it’s charm. Goodman and Moranis are great, the sets are great, the effects are great, the only thing wrong is half the cast and the story. lol. It would get some sort of sequel about Las Vegas, never saw it. Don’t plan on seeing it either.

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