Kong: Skull Island

The 441st film I have seen in theaters…

The King is back!



It is the final days of the Vietnam war. A US military helicopter team is sent to a mysterious island shrouded in a storm. On the island they find giant monsters and… KING KONG. They then try to escape.



Tom Hiddleston plays Conrad, the soldier of fortune hired in case something goes wrong. Stuff goes wrong.


Brie Larson is Weaver, the strong willed photjournalist who, despite he feminist powers, cannot help but to fall prey to the siren song of Loki’s wang.


SLJ is Packard, leader of helicopter squad. already unbalanced, he goes apeshit (see what I did there) upon meeting Kong and spends the remainder of the film trying to kill him. Classic Jackson. We even get a “hold on to your butts”.


John Goodman plays the kooky government scientist that organizes this whole trip to hell.


John C. Reilly is Marlow, a WW2 pilot that was stranded on Skull Island for 30 years. The comic relief. Reilly is fantastic in everything he does. Dr Steve Brule!


Rounding out the main cast is Kong himself, a CGI creation. A good interpretation of the character.


Oh yeah, pure nightmare fuel also appears in this film.


At the end of the day, as is obvious from my “The Plot”, there is not much here. The team crashes on the island, avoids monsters, tries to kill/help Kong, and attempt escape. Honestly, that is all you really need from Kong. I don’t need a friggin 3 hour masterpiece. I want to see monsters. This film gives us monsters. It also does not hide the main monster as Godzilla did. Kong is front and center. Good movie.

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