Twin Peaks: The Return parts 7 & 8


There’s a body all right.

Gotta light?

The show has taken a major turn in these two episodes. I am breaking with the traditional “Skinny” format and am just going to jam on what I walked away from these with.

Part 7:


Jerry Horne has a seemingly humorous scene where he is incredibly high, lost in the woods, and cannot find his car. I walked away with a completely different take. Something happened to Jerry in the woods. I suspect he had a “white/black lodge” experience and is trying to make sense of it.


The meat of the episode centered on Laura Dern’s Diane. She steals every scene and her meeting with “Evil Coop” is amazing. An incredible performance.


Dougie has a moment where the hit-man tries to kill him. His “Coop” memories return and he goes full bad-ass on “Ike the Spike”. There is a strong possibility that this is the start of Coop’s true return.


“Coopleganger” escapes from prison after blackmailing the Warden. He makes off with Roy, his would be assassin.


Early in the season, this strange dude was in the prison. Now we see another “charcoal hobo” in the scenes surrounding Major Brigg’ corpse. These guys are about to become a lot more prominent.

Part 7

Andy tracks down the truck used in the hit and run from episode 6. No sign of where that is heading just yet.


Ben Horne gets a great scene with Ashley Judd as they track down a mysterious “hum” in this office. Is it coming from Audrey’s secret room? From Cooper’s room key? Is it Josie?!!


Just prior to Coop’s prison break, we get several minutes of this man sweeping the floor of the Road House after hours. Knowing what is to come, this scene seems very powerful. Lynch is now sweeping up all of the stuff he’s been throwing at us. The floor is now cleaned. It is time to dive into the thick of it.


His whistling scene takes on a whole new meaning in Part 8…

Part 8


Roy double-crosses “Cooper” and shoots him. As he lies there, bleeding to death, the dirty hobos appear as ghosts and rub his blood all over his face, digging into him and they YANK OUT BOB! Nine inch Nails does a song, and “Coop” sits up, appearing to be healed.


Flashback to 1945 and the US government tests an atomic bomb.

We then journey into the explosion and we see the origins of Bob. It is not clear if this is Bob’s birth, or merely him escaping into the real world. The bomb appears to have been the trigger for the break between dimensions.


The “Experiment”, also possibly the “mother” from Part 3, vomits a stream of slime containing many eggs.


Nestled in the eggs in non other than Bob, who is making his escape into the world.


We then return to the purple ocean from Part 3 and go to what I presume to be the White Lodge.


??????? aka “the giant” watches the events of the bomb and Bob on a large cinema screen. He takes action to counteract Bob.


Senorita Dido, the giant’s wife? follows him to the cinema.


The giant levitates into the sky and golden dust issues from his head. A ball coalesces. ??????? might be God himself.


Dido takes the ball and gazes into it.


We see the face of Laura Palmer. The implication is either that Laura is some sort of archetypal weapon of “good” to battle Bob, or that they have plucked her from the red room to fight against Bob, she being one of, if not the only, beings to ever resist him.


The ball flies into the sky, goes into a tube and is shot to Earth.


It is now 1956. We see the convenience store surrounded by the Hobos. This may be the convenience store that Mike and the other Black Lodge denizens live above.


One of mother’s eggs hatch in the desert of New Mexico. It is some kind of Frog/Locust monster. This may be Bob.


One of the hobos, credited as “The Woodsman” goes around asking people “gotta light?”. It gets creepy as f. We see a young couple walk home. The girl enters her house and the boy walks away.

The woodsman goes to a radio station and kills the receptionist by digging his fingers into her skull.


He then kills the DJ and takes the microphone and repeats this poem:

This is the water, and this is the well. Drink full, and ascend.
The horse is the white of the eyes, and dark within.

Upon hearing this, the people of the town pass out.


The bug monster crawls into the young girl’s mouth as she lies passed out.


The Woodsman walks off into the night….

This episode was stunning. Pure Lynch. Powerful work, possibly the greatest hour ever produced on TV. This will be remembered as a special moment in TV history, unless he tops it…which he might. Lynch is at the top of his game. So much explained with very little dialogue. Told in a very modern/surrealistic way as well! Amazing.

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