Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

The 454th film I have seen in theaters…

This is a story of the family that created Wonder Woman




In the late 20’s, Professor William Moulton Marston and his wife take on a teacher’s assistant- Olive. They all fall in love and begin a poly-amorous relationship. It is discovered and the Marstons are fired. They move to New York and begin a life together. Drawing on the strength of the women in his life, Marston creates the comic character- Wonder Woman in an era that won’t accept their love.



Luke Evans is Marston. This could have very easily been parlayed into a “creep” role, but Evans plays him perfectly as a man ahead of his, and possibly our, time.


Rebecca Hall is Elizabeth Marston. This must have been a fun role to play, such an intelligent and independent woman trying to be the voice of sanity against her heart. Great work.


Bella Heathcote is Olive Byrne. More than just a beautiful girl, she proves to be a true equal to the Marstons.


This movie is a complete and total bomb. It made 700K on it’s opening weekend and is leaving screens after 1 week. It does not deserve such a fate. It was an excellently directed film that brought out some truly great performances. The sub-plot, the comics aspect, is dear to my heart. Max Gaines was portrayed on film, and we saw the comic backlash of the late 40’s as the “moral” asshats held book burnings. It is very scary to think how close our society is to returning to this sort of thing. Good movie.



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