The Foreigner

The 457th film I have seen in theaters…

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IRA bombers kill Jackie Chan’s daughter. I am sure he will handle this in his normal fashion.

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The IRA set off a bomb which kills Mr Quan’s daughter. He tries to get answers from the authorities, but is unsatisfied by the lack of progress. He turns his attention to a North Irish official that has ties to the IRA. Realizing that this man knows more than he is telling, Quan goes full terrorist and starts bombing the IRA. All he wants is the names of those that killed his child, and you better believe this former US special forces soldier is gonna get it.


There were many smaller roles that were played quite well, but this is all about the leads.


Jackie Chan was excellent in this film. It is the sort of role he would play in Asia, as opposed to the “funny Chinese martial arts” character the US wants him to be. He is a haunted man that is a relentless force of nature. At the same time, you can see him playing his age. When Quan gets hurt, he is hurt- because he’s 60! One of his best English language films.


Pierce Brosnan is Hennessy, the former IRA guy who bears more than a passing resemblance to Gerry Adams. While Brosnan does some gun play, he spends most of the film doing exactly what you see in the image above- talking on the phone and looking stern. That said, Brosnan is a great actor. He brings weight to the role and it is awesome to see him play a villain. Yes. That is Roose Bolton behind him.


A standard action thriller with two awesome leads. I must laugh a bit at the reviewers raving about how wonderful it is to see Chan play a serious role. The joke is on them of course. Chan has been doing this for years now, just not for us dumb Americans. Even now, this looks to be a Chinese/British production. I enjoyed it. 7/10

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