Thor: Ragnarok

The 459th film I have seen in theaters…

giphy (3)giphy

’nuff said



Odin is dying, and with his passing his long imprisoned daughter Hela is unleashed. Her return spells doom for Asgard. Thor, blasted across the universe, fights as a Gladiator on the planet Sakaar, trying to make his way back to Asgard to defeat Hela. There he meets an old friend and a new ally.


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Hemsworth turns in his best performance as Thor in the best Thor movie.

giphy (4)

Hiddleston plays a more heroic Loki this time around, to great effect.

giphy (8)

Blanchett is the most memorable villain since Loki or Red Skull.

giphy (7)

Jeff Goldblum steals every scene as the Grandmaster, one of the elders of the universe.

giphy (9).gif

Tessa Thompson premeires as Valkyrie, last of the legendary warriors of Asgard.

giphy (5)

Karl Urban plays Hela’s henchman Skurge. This guy is just awesome. Dr McCoy to Dredd to this.

giphy (1)

Mark Ruffalo reprises his role as Bruce Banner/Hulk. This is easily the best Hulk movie. They allowed Hulk to be an actual character apart from Banner. This was awesome work.


This is the best Thor film, hands down. This is in the top 5, maybe top 3, of all the MCU films. It was certainly the funniest of the series. The humor was amazingly well done. I am so happy they made this movie. It was everything I could have imagined. 10/10

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