Murder on the Orient Express

The 464th film I have seen in theaters…


Everyone is a suspect!



After solving a robbery case in Jerusalem, Master Detective Hercule Poirot boards the Orient Express to return to London for a new case. Along the route, despite Poirot’s attempts to relax, a mystery unfolds. In the middle of the night, a passenger is murdered. As the train is stranded due to snow, Poirot faces one of his most trying cases as he tries to discover the murderer.


This is a cast driven film, featuring amazing performances. Our top billed cast in alphabetic order:


Kenneth Branagh’s mustache takes center stage as he becomes the latest actor to play Poirot. He also happens to be one of the better actors to don the ‘stache. Not only does he excel in the role, he decided to be the director too.


Penelope Cruz is Pilar, the former maid turned religious zealot.


Willem Dafoe is Hardman, the Austrian racist.


Judi Dench is the Princess.


Johnny Depp is Ratchett, the victim.


Josh Gad is McQueen, Ratchett’s secretary.


Derek Jacobi is Masterman, Ratchett’s Butler.


Leslie Odom Jr is Dr Arbuthnot.


Michelle Pfeiffer, always welcome on the big screen, is Caroline, a woman with a mysterious past.


Daisy Ridley makes her first screen appearance since The Force Awakens as Mary, the Governess. She was terrific in this, her scenes with Branagh were excellent.


This was a beautiful film, shot in 65MM to great effect. The acting was top notch, Branagh has a talent for getting the best out of his talent. The film does have some pacing issues, but overall it’s strengths outweigh the weaknesses. Bring on the sequel! 7/10


  1. I do like Michelle Pfeiffer and I’m glad to see her working again, although I have no desire to see ‘Mother’, I’ll keep an eye out for this one.

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