Isle of Dogs

The 487th film I have seen in theaters…

giphy (3)

Wes Anderson delivers another classic.



The Japanese city of Megasaki is suffering an outbreak of dog flu. To combat this plague, Mayor Kobayashi exiles all dogs to “trash island”. 6 months later, Kobayashi’s nephew Atari steals a plane and lands on trash island. He is searching for his dog Spots. He meets up with a pack of dogs led by “Chief”. They travel across trash island to find spots, as the sinister Cat conspiracy in unveiled as they scheme to kill all dogs!



This film features a wonder array of American and Japanese performers. Leading the show is Bryan Cranston as Chief.



I said it at the top and I will repeat. Wes Anderson has given us another classic. The character design is tremendous. The artistry of the animators is top notch. The voice actors are well utilized. This film is pure magic, with some great messages to boot. 10/10


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