The 489th film I have seen in theaters…

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A look at the life of a Supreme Court Justice, the Notorious RBG.



This is documentary. I suppose the plot is Ruth Bader is born in Brooklyn. She goes to school and falls in love with Martin Ginsburg. They get married, she finishes law school, pioneers several supreme court cases for gender rights, becomes a judge, gets appointed to the supreme court. Is now a celebrity due to her stances against the conservative court.



Many ar interviewed for this film, including Ginsburg herself. A co-star would be her husband Martin, who’s good humor shines in this movie.


Surprisingly, a section of the film focuses on her deep friendship with late Justice Antonin Scalia, her polar opposite in legal interpretation.


Not much to say on this one. It was a well designed documentary, well edited with excellent choices of subject matter, structure, and music. If you are a Progressive, you will love the film. If you are a conservative you will likely despise it. Regardless, you would still learn something of this interesting woman’s life.

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