My Crazy Solo: A Star Wars Story Theory for Enfys Nest…

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I sat down to watch the phenomenal Solo: A Star Wars story for the second time and an idea hit me like a ton of bricks. This could be major Star Wars lore, the master plan for future films.

Don’t follow through unless you want to take a trip to Spoiler City.

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Solo introduced a pack of Marauders called the Cloud Riders. They are led by Enfys Nest.

maxresdefaultEnfys Nest

Near the end of the film, the Cloud Riders are shown to not be rampaging murderers but a cell of the fledgling Rebel Alliance. Enfys takes off her helmet and is revealed to be a young woman played by Erin Kellyman.

The-Coopers-Vs-The-Rest-FrankieErin Kellyman

As she revealed herself and talks about her past something clicked in my head. She mentions that she wears the mask her mother wore, or something to that effect. This mask definitely has a Mandalorian feel going on in the eyeslit. She also says that all of her crew are made up of people who’s worlds were savaged by the organization that would one day become Crimson Dawn, the crime syndicate villains of the movie. This moment of the film suggests, to me at least, the idea that Crimson Dawn was responsible for her mother’s death. “Solo” reveals that Crimson Dawn is led by a familiar face: Darth Maul.

1527074291914Darth Maul in Solo

In the Clone Wars cartoon, Maul survives The Battle of Naboo and becomes the leader of a crime syndicate called The Shadow Collective. They attack and take over the planet Mandalore. In doing so, he murders the Mandalorian Leader: Duchess Satine. After Maul stabs her, she dies in the arms of her one true love… Obi Wan Kenobi. Yes, THAT Obi Wan Kenobi.

HoldMeObiWanKenobi-TLObi Wan Kenobi holds Satine’s body

You see where I am going with this? My conjecture is that Enfys is the hidden daughter of Obi Wan and Satine. She wears the mask of her mother and leads the masked Cloud Riders against The Shadow Collective which over time became Crimson Dawn. Crimson Dawn’s boss, Dryden Voss, even has a Crimson Mandalorian armor in his office.


This makes me think that the future of the “Anthology” films will weave together a backstory, not only of Han’s origins and the actions of Boba Fett prior to “A New Hope”, but the revelation of Kenobi’s secret daughter and her revenge plot against Maul. I think her activities are successful. When we see Maul in “Rebels”, he is not the leader of any syndicate, he is the “Old Master” guarding a Sith Temple with nothing left but his thirst for revenge. Something happens to Maul between 10BBY (Before Battle of Yavin) in Solo and 2BBY when Obi Wan kills him on Tatooine.

Screen_Shot_2017_03_22_at_3.55.55_PM.0Kenobi vs Maul

I think we will see Crimson Dawn taken down over the course of these films, possibly by Enfys with some action by the Hutt Cartel. I am near 95% certain that this is where these films are going. While I am not as confident on further conjecture, I think it is plausible to go one step further here. Enfys Nest might actually be the missing link to a stubborn fan theory that arose from “The Force Awakens”. She could very well be the mother, or grandmother, of a very important character: Rey.


I know, I know. She came from no one. Kylo Ren reads her mind to get this information but he is only seeing what Rey believes; Her parents were drunk junkers. As she was abandoned as a small child, I think this makes her an unreliable witness. She might actually be a friggin Kenobi. Lets look at the timeline a bit to see how things match up.

We know that Kenobi met Satine shortly before “Phantom Menace” in 32BBY. Solo is 22 years after TPM. Erin Kellyman is 19 years old, right in the window to be a child of that early love affair. Satine died the same year as “Revenge of the Sith”, 19BBY. This would make Enfys 9-10 years old when Mandalore was taken over by Maul. The Enfys as a Kenobi theory is plausible.

As for Rey,  she was born 15ABY (After Battle of Yavin). This puts her birth 25 years after the events of Solo. Enfys would be 46-47 when Rey is born. Still within the range of motherhood, but if this is the road they follow, I think it equally likely for Rey to be her Granddaughter.

Take it all with a grain of salt but I think I’ve hit the truth behind Enfys as a Kenobi. I am maybe 50% chance sure of her being related to Rey. This is because there is still a good chance that she is actually from nobodies. Plus, I still think there is a chance her parents are Ezra and Sabine, but lets save that for another tin foil hat session.


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