On Chesil Beach

The 492nd film I have seen in theaters…


The tale of a REALLY bad wedding night



Florence and Edward are a British couple who have just been married. The story of the consummation of the marriage. As they awkwardly work their way through a meal and foreplay, vignettes of their relationship play as flashbacks, as we discover that this marriage is in trouble.



Saoirse Ronan continues to build her body of work with a good performance as “Frigid Florence”. Some of her final argument with Edward fell a bit flat for me though.


Billy Howle’s Edward is a giant ball of nerves. Once again, an excellent performance.


The editing of the film was clever, the cinematography beautiful, the music fit the film perfectly and the actors were terrific. It just did not gel together as it should. Ian McEwan gives us an interesting look at this failing relationship, starting out very well. As the movie progresses, the plot unravels a bit climaxing with, well, the climax. lol. 5/10, on the power of the acting alone.

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