A Star is Born

The 498th film I have seen in theaters…

The best version of the story so far…



Jackson Maine is a hard drinking, drug abusing, superstar who discovers Ally, a lounge singer. Believing in her talent, he pushes her onstage and she catapults to stardom. They fall in love, but as she rises, his star fades, ending in tragedy.



Lady Gaga makes her debut as a lead, and she delivers. I’ve been to her show, I know she can sing. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she has the makings of an excellent actress as well. I ain’t saying she will win an Oscar, but she will be nominated.


Give him the Oscar now. Not sure if it will be Best Actor or Director, but he’s getting at least one. This was his best performance to date.


Goddamn, Sam Elliott is amazing. He might snag supporting actor for this. All of his scenes were heartbreakers.


Andrew Dice Clay is fantastic as Ally’s father. Like, REALLY good.


Dave Chapelle also has some beautiful scenes as Jackson’s friend. He gives us a glimpse of the life Jackson could have if he wants it.


This movie was stunningly good. The acting was top notch, as was the direction and writing. The cinematography and sound design/editing were on point. The music though…man. It was excellent. Bradley Cooper is a phenomenal singer. If you have not seen it, make your way to the cinema. Be prepared to cry though, this one was emotional.


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