Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The 501st film I have seen in theaters…


Spider-Man meets Spider-Man!

Miles Morales is bitten by a radioactive Spider and becomes the new Spider-Man! Following the death of Peter Parker, the original Spidey, Miles teams up with several other “Spider-men/women/hams” from across the multiverse to save reality from Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin.

Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, is killed while trying to the “The Kingpin”, Wilson Fisk, from opening a portal between dimensions. As New York mourns it’s hero, young Miles Morales is learning to use his new found Spider-Powers as the new Spider-Man. Then, Peter Parker shows up and all hell breaks loose. Multiple “Spiders” from across the multiverse team up to stop Fisk and save the universe!

Shameik Moore plays Miles Morales. I liked the vibe he brought to the role.


Chris Pine, Captain Kirk, plays Peter Parker. While the younger Peter Parker was well done, I preferred the late 30’s Parker, a little fat and burnt out. who was voiced by Jake Johnson.


Hailee Stenfield is Spider-Gwen! One of my favorite additions to the Spidey-Verse over the last decade or so, I was overjoyed to see her on screen.


Liev Schreiber, a skilled VO artist, is Wilson Fisk.


Mahershala Ali is The Prowler, Miles’ uncle Aaron. Great casting.


My apologies for the weak photo, but the great Lilly Tomlin plays Aunt May.


Kimiko Glenn is Peni Parker, the robo-suited Anime Spider from the future!


John Mulaney is Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham, and the reason I bought the ticket today. I cannot believe I live in a world where Spider-Ham is in a movie.


Nicholas Cage, YES, plays Spider-Man Noir, the 1930’s film Noir Spidey. Amazing.


Oscar M’Fing Isaac appears in the post-credits scene as Miguel O’Hara: Spider-Man 2099. Holy shit.


The Best Spider-Man movie of them all. The best Marvel movie of the year. Possibly the best film of the year.


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