The 503rd film I have seen in theaters…


The King of Atlantis!



In 1985, Princess Atlanna of Atlantis escapes an arranged marriage and falls in love with land dwelling lighthouse keeper, Thomas Curry. They have a child, Artur. To protect them, Atlanna returns to the sea. 33 years later, her son Orm, now King of Atlantis tries to start a war against the humans on land. Only his brother, Arthur “Aquaman” Curry can stop him and save the world.



Jason Momoa is the man. Plain and simple. This movie plays to his strengths and allows the humor and charisma to come out. He was excellent.


Amber Heard is one of the hottest women on the planet. Luckily she is a good actress as well. Her Mera works and I totally bought the romance between the two.


I admit to not really seeing many trailers or researching much of this before I going to the theater. I had no idea Willem Dafoe was in this as Vulko, Vizier of Atlantis. He’s always good.


Patrick Wilson, Nite Owl, plays Ocean Master! He’s another actor that is always good. He’s a good villain.


If you thought I was surprised when Willem Dafoe showed up, I nearly shit my pants when Dolph Lundgren appeared as Nereus, Mera’s father! He was the star of the first movie I ever saw- Masters of the Universe.


Yahna Abdul-Mateen II is Black Manta. Honestly, he did not bring much to the film other than “Look at me! Black Manta!”. They could have focused entirely on Orm and not lost anything. That suit is perfect though.


Nicole Kidman is Atlanna, Arthur’s mom. She did a good job. Her scenes were emotionally satisfying.


Temuera Morrison, MF’n Jango Fett, is Thomas Curry, Aquaman’s dad. Awesome.


Also, Julie Andrews plays the Kraken.


This is probably the best DC film in 10 years. It embraces the insanity of Aquaman and ended up being a fun movie. The casting was great, and the visuals were awesome. The character designs were perfection. Increasingly, comic book characters are being allowed to look like the comic book. This was like a Clive Cussler superhero adventure. A great, fun, stupid, ballsy, adventurous film. I was entertained.



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