IT: Chapter Two

The 513th film I have seen in theaters…

giphy (5)

Goddamn clowns…



Twenty-seven years have passed since “IT” tormented the group of kids known as the Loser’s Club in 1989 Derry, Maine. As the ancient evil awakens once again, the club must reunite to destroy IT once and for all.


The entire cast here is stellar, like REALLY spot on. I totally believe these adults being the grown up versions of these kids. Take a look:

Seriously. It is even more effective when you remember that these kids are littered throughout the film in many flashback sequences.


The first film scared me more. That’s not so much a criticism as a commentary on my particular phobia of clowns. This had plenty of Pennywise, but it leaned heavily into the “Creature feature” side of things with throwbacks to The Thing and other gruesome monsters. Really, this still stands as the best Stephen King adaptation to date. Good movie.

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