The 515th film I have seen in theaters…


The best film I have seen in 2019. Easily the best comic film of the year.



1981 Gotham City. The city is coming to a standstill. Union strikes are crippling the infrastructure while protests over income inequality rock those in power. Thomas Wayne is running for Mayor. Arthur Fleck is a clown by day and aspiring stand up comedian by night. He has serious mental issues and the budget cuts of the city’s services have cost him counseling and medication. As the city erupts into violent protest, Arthur sheds his cocoon and becomes The Joker.


Joaquin Phoenix is going to be nominated for an Oscar. Its always difficult to predict a winner, but right now I would go with him. This performance was mesmerizing. For an actor who’s given us so many incredible works, this is his best to date. The character work on Arthur’s conditions, the laugh, everything works.


Not a huge role, but one of DeNiro’s best in years. I love when he actually tries, and he actually tried here.


Zazie Beetz plays Arthur’s neighbor Sophie. Not a huge role, but she’s pretty good in it, especially her last scene.


Shout out to Marc Maron, who is on a tear these last few years.


This is a movie that, while set 40 years ago, holds up a mirror to our current society. A society that is failing us. Arthur is made the butt of the joke, but the joke is on them. “Eat the rich!” as they say. The cycle of abuse that created Joker is passed on to Bruce Wayne. This movie was fucking excellent, the best I’ve seen this year. I love Endgame, but this movie resonated. This is the best comic film of 2019.

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