Lost in Space Season 2 (2019)




This week I knocked out season 2 of Netflix’s reboot of “Lost in Space”



Stranded on a water world, the Robinson family are trying to find their way back to the mothership, The Resolute, to continue their journey to Alpha Centauri. New mysteries, and dangers, present themselves as the Fleet tries to finish their trip and deal with the perils of being… LOST IN SPACE!



Molly Parker and Toby Stephens continue to lead the cast as John and Maureen Robinson. Their marriage is on far firmer footing this season which provides a nice bedrock to build the story of the family. We continue to see flashbacks to their lives before the trip, but they are not so important this time around. They serve more to flesh out the kids.


Maxwell Jenkins, Taylor Russell, and Mina Sundwall return as Will, Judy, and Penny Robinson. Will continues to be the main focus of the larger story with the Robot, but the others continue to get excellent character development. Penny is still the more immature of the bunch, but that is changing as we get glimpses of the person she is becoming. Judy might benefit the most from this treatment as she rises to the challenge of leading the team in the final episode. The backstory of her biological father was introduced this year with strong hints that it will be a major part of season 3.


Ignacio Serricchio returns as Don West. He continues his journey from smuggler/ mechanic to be more hero/mechanic. Gotta love his chicken.


Robot is awesome. We get to see lots more of his kind this year.


Parker Posey is back as “Dr Smith”/June Harris. We get small glimpses that she may want to do good this season, but at her heart she is a snake. She’s definitely more comedic this time around, which Jonathan used to great effect in the 60’s. Her season ends somewhat ambiguously, but I think we will see the good Doctor next year.


JJ Field, who stole the show on “Turn” as Major John Andre, plays Adler a robotics scientist who sees much of himself in young Will. His arc ended this year, but he was a welcome addition.


This season was entertaining. It was on par with season 1, with perhaps a bit more action at the end. I like where we end up at the end of the story, and the hook for next year looks fun. This was a nice way to start the year.

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