Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995)

The 17th film I have seen in theaters…



I don’t know it it’s better than the first. God knows the “birthing” scene is one of the funniest I’ve ever seen in a theater. Also very quotable. “Bumblebee Tuna” “Shi-CACA”!



Ace is living in a Tibetan Monastery after the death of his pal, a racoon. A British dude enlists him to travel to Africa to track down some mythical lost white bat. Along the way he gets involved in disputes between 2 tribes, is birthed by a Rhino, finds lots of guano, bangs the princess, and meets the Monopoly man…no seriously.

giphy (1)



As in my last film, this is Jim Carrey at the height of his comedic powers. This was the last film before “The Cable Guy” which was not as well received, though now has great critical acclaim. It’s really difficult to say any more about 1995 Jim Carrey. He was stunning to behold.


The great Ian McNeice plays Fulton, Ace’s sidekick this time around. He’s one of the greats and I am sure he enjoyed this paycheck. McNeice continues to act.


Tommy Davidson, Carrey’s co-star on “In Living Color” plays the Wachootoo Prince. He was funny here. He kind of vanished not long after this though. He’s had work, but nothing terrible high profile. This is a shame.


This was the 5th highest gross film of 1995 and one of the better comedies of the period. Carrey has been against sequels ever since this, aside from a recent visit to “Dumb and Dumber”. As much as I secretly wish there was a third, this guy is best left in the 90’s.





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