Comix This Week 2/5/2020


A small selection this week as we examine a new title from Aftershock comics as well as the premiere of the latest Darth Vader series!

ftimeThe man who effed up time No 1 |(W) John Layman (A/CA) Karl Mostert| Aftershock Comics

Sean is a lab tech working in a facility that is testing time travel. He is unhappy with his life and is wallowing in his misery. Suddenly, another Sean, presumably from the future appears and gives him some notes. He decides to take his fate into his hands and use the machine to go back in time one week and make a few changes, get the job, get the girl, normal stuff. When he returns, the world is all fucked up with Dinosaurs, Pyramids, and the leader is King Abraham Lincoln VI! This was a fun comic, weird and silly. It looks to have plenty of opportunity for interesting drawings of anomalous timey wimey stuff.  Worth a read.

dvDarth Vader (Volume 3) No 1|(W) Greg Pak (A) Raffaele Ienco (CA) In-Hyuk Lee| Marvel Comics

The new series of Vader kicks off immediately following the events of “The Empire Strikes Back”. Vader takes a droid, some death troopers, and a shuttle in search of anyone and everyone involved in hiding Luke from him. Vader wants some revenge on those who raised his son to be so weak. The first stop is Tatooine and the Lars farm. Vader visits his mother’s grave but revenge is not possible as Owen and Beru are dead. Some pirates think Vader is an easy target and attack him. He gets to murder a little bit there. He next finds his way to Coruscant and Padme Amidala’s apartments, still sealed decades after her death. The droid, his helper, discovers a scout transmitter. They track it to a planet, where Vader fights some beasties and soldiers before finding… PADME ALIVE?!! What shenanigans is this? A decent first issue, as always from Marvel.

That is it for this week! Next week we have a new series from Image called Tartarus, Green Lantern Season 2 No 1 by Grant Morrison, Rise of Kylo Ren No 3, and Angela Della Morte Part 4, the finale! See you next week!

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