Star Trek: Picard – 1.3 The End is the Beginning


Like Kojak, Picard is on the case…


Star Trek Picard 1.3: “The End is the Beginning” |(W) Michael Chabon & James Duff (D) Hanelle Culpepper


We once again begin in the past. It is shortly after the Synth attack on Mars. Picard is leaving Starfleet HQ and meets with his first officer, Raffi Musiker. He tells her that the Admiralty declined his plan to rescue the Romulans and that they accepted his resignation. Raffi grows angry with him for walking away from the fight.

Back in the present, Picard is trying to enlist Raffi to help in his quest to help Dahj’s sister. She refuses, still feeling anger at Picard for walking away 14 years earlier. She does recommend a Captain and ship though: Cristobal Rios, Commander of ….actually I don’t think the ship has been named yet. Anyway, Rios takes the job. Raffi comes around and joins the crew as well.

On the Borg Cube, we discover that Hugh, of the famous episode “I, Borg”, is in charge of the reclamation project. He takes interest in Soji and grants her access to a former Borg named Ramdha. She was some sort of expert in Romulan mythology before being assimilated. Her mind is still recovering from the experience. As Soji speaks to her, Ramdha loses it and somehow knows that Soji is a twin. She refers to her as “The Destroyer”. It appears that the former Borg have created some sort of mythology to deal with their assimilation. All the Borg in the room stare at Soji with hatred in their eyes.

Back on Earth, the Romulan assassins try to kill Picard at his Chateau. He survives the attack, with a last minute save by Dr Jurati, who also wishes to join the crew. They now know for certain that Starfleet has been infiltrated by the Romulans. They all go on the ship and fly away towards adventure as the TNG theme plays.


The End Is The Beginning

Picard is in “assemble the crew mode” this episode. We do get some great backstory as we see a somewhat defeated Picard who must face the fact that he abandoned his friend Raffi all those years earlier.


My initial opinions of Michelle Hurd’s Raffi were confirmed as we got to know her a little more. The character is not just joining the crew to help Picard, she is after something else, likely to be revealed next week.


When the Romulans attacked the Chateau, I thought for sure either Zhaban or Laris were going to die. Thankfully they both survived, for now at least. I am still sad that they won’t be joining the crew.


Jurati showed up at just the right moment to save Picard in the shootout. She also happened to find a Romulan disruptor just laying around? Either she truly is the innocent that Pill plays her as, or she is secretly a bad guy. Time will tell.


Santiago Cabrera plays Captain Rios, as well as the ship’s EMH (Emergency Medical Hologram). I dig him so far. He experienced some trauma when he was in Starfleet (Saw his Captain die, horrifically) and doesn’t want to get drug into a “mission”. Picard sees through him though, he knows a TRUE Starfleet officer when he sees one.

soji-hugh-picard-103Soji spends most of the episode with Hugh, played once again by Jonathan Del Arco. Hugh has changed quite a bit since TNG and this business of Soji being “The Destroyer” made me theorize about her origins. More on that below.


Narek and Narissa did not do much this week. We did get to see her looking like a Romulan, which was nice.

3632643-picard episode 3 ramdha

Finally we have Rebecca Wisocky as Ramdha, the Romulan ex Borg who messes with tarot cards. I thought we were about to have some mystic BS, but it is revealed that she uses them, ancient Romulan divination cards, to assemble the mythology that helps her deal with the trauma of assimilation. A nice touch.


So, what is my Soji theory? Well, we know that her father was Data. Who was her mother?


That’s right. I am positing that Maddox did not create Soji and Dahj, or at least he did not develop the tech. I believe that they were created using Borg technology. Data’s neuron mixed with the genetic code they used to create the bodies of the Borg Queen. The former Borg all look at Soji with hatred and call her “Destroyer”. This alone makes me think I am barking up the right tree. Time will tell.

Another great episode. They finally finished assembling, most, of the crew and the adventure begins properly next week when Picard does some fencing! See you Thursday!

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